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Ankara, historically known as Angora is the capital city of Turkey. Located in the central part of country and Turkey’s second-largest city after Istanbul.

With its central location in Anatolia, it has hosted many civilizations throughout history and the history of old settlementd in and around Ankara goes back to 2000 BC.

In 25 BC the Roman Emperor Augustus made it the capital city of the Roman province of Galatia. During the Roman Emperors Diocletian and Galereus, Ankara became the anti-Christian center of the empire. many Christians were persecuted. St. Clement was a devout Christian born in 283 and the high priest of the city. He was martyred in 303. There is very little left from the church built in its name in the 5th century.

Ankara is famous for the Monumentum Ancyranum which contains the official record of the Acts of Augustus, known as the Res Gestae Divi Augusti, an inscription cut in marble on the walls of this temple which is next to the Hacı Bayram Camii in the city center. The Roman Baths of Ankara were constructed by the Roman emperor Caracalla in honor of Asclepios, the God of Medicine. Another important visit in Ankara is Anatolian Civilization Museum.

Meat dishes constitute the basis of the food culture in Ankara. The city where you can eat the most delicious doner in Turkey is Ankara.

Do not miss to eat Döner in Ankara!
Do not miss to visit Anatolian civilization museum!
Area: 24,521 km2 (9,468 sq mi)
Population: 5,663,322

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Wonders Of Turkey

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Amazing Turkey Tour

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