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Sanliurfa Tours Turkey by Novaportum Travel section is the one you are able to find trips that goes Sanliurfa and surroundings. Sanliurfa tours cover all must-see places in Sanliurfa area as; Sanliurfa old city center, pool of Abraham, Gobeklitepe archeological site and much more.

Private Sanliurfa Tour Packages are created by Novaportum travel for your visit to turkey to discover norther mesopotamia!

Do not hesitate to check all tours listed below and find the most suitable tour for your holiday in Turkey. Some of the Sanliurfa tours are available from Istanbul, Kusadasi, Izmir, Izmir airport and Cappadocia area. You can book Sanliurfa tour with us and our professional tour guide will meet you in Sanliurfa area.

Sanliurfa, historically known as Edessa, is the in southeastern city of Turkey.

The city is located in a well-watered and fertile valley and 80 km away from Euphrates river.

The area was part of a network of the first human settlements where the agricultural revolution took place.

The name of the city of Urfa, the hometown of Prophet Abraham, has been written many times in Judaism, Christianity and Islamic sources.

Sanlıurfa, which is a very important city for Christianity and Assyrian culture, is called the city of the Prophets for Muslims.

The city is very important for Muslims since the authorities of Hadrat Ibrahip and Shuayip are in Urfa.

Gobeklitepe, which changed the world history, was unearthed in the light of the latest archaeological excavations. Gobeklitepe, the world’s oldest-known temple, It is the most important archaeological find of recent years.

Thanks to the diversity that makes up its population, the food culture is quite different and meat is predominant.

Do miss to visit Sanlıurfa archeology museum, Haleplibahce mosaic museum, Gobeklitepe ancient site, balikligol!

Do not miss to eat Urfa kebap and The walnut-stuffed Turkish dessert crepe ( şıllık) !

Area: 3,668.76 km2 (1,416.52 sq mi)
Population: 2,031,425

NP 110
Grand Biblical Tour

(12 Days / 11 Nights)
from 913 $ PP

NP 119
Tour To City Prophets

(2 Days / 1 Night)
from 218 $ PP

NP 120
Tour to Divine Land

(3 Days / 2 Nights)
from 278 $ PP

NP 132
Daily Gobeklitepe Tour

(Daily Tour)
from 193 $ PP

NP 135
Great Mesopotamia & Gobeklitepe Tour

(5 Days / 4 Nights)
from 506 $ PP